Life Extension: Why Utilizing an Emerging Omega-3 Delivery Technology Has Become Essential

May 24, 2023

Better daily compliance and increased absorption due to billions of emulsified droplets per serving are the hallmarks of the company\’s new Omega-3 Fish Oil Gummy Bites


Here\’s something you don\’t hear often. Life Extension wants the entire industry to be aware of the emerging ConCordix omega-3 delivery technology it uses for its new Omega-3 Fish Oil Gummies.

We are very proud to lead the industry by bringing superior formulations to market, comments Life Extension director of education and spokesperson Michael A. Smith, MD. We want all consumers to know the benefits of using ConCordix for omega-3 supplements because there are many people who need these nutrients but don\’t get them.

Life Extension is known for pioneering clinically proven product formulas with enhanced absorption, such as its CoQ10 with d-limonene. Gummy Bites are the latest example of the company\’s commitment to developing clean, science-based products with better benefits.

Based on a holistic philosophy

Life Extension has a loyal customer base because it emphasizes a holistic philosophy that includes food, exercise, and supplementation. But to achieve optimal nutrition, lifestyle choices, including food, often leave us short. Supplements fill that gap, Smith says. Rather than just meeting the standard RDA, we use optimal, clinically effective doses that help support health.

And this, he continues, has been difficult to achieve in the omega-3 category, particularly if widespread adherence is the desired outcome.

What\’s the point of developing a great product if people don\’t accept it?

While it\’s fun to talk about fancy extracts and the latest ingredients that people can barely tell, as a physician, I\’m always reminding people of the foundational nutrients, Smith says. Everyone needs to get quality multivitamins, probiotics and omega-3s. If we could get more Americans out of those three, we\’d see dramatic improvements in people\’s health. That\’s why we\’re always looking for better ways to deliver omegas to people.

If people aren\’t taking supplements, it\’s time for a change. While some people don\’t have a problem with fish oil soft gels, others do. Those who struggle with soft gels have told me that they want to take fish oil supplements, but can\’t handle the soft gels. They\’re large, hard to swallow, and can cause fishy burps. We needed an alternative delivery system. When I learned about the ConCordix technology, I was really excited.

ConCordix, by Vitux AS, is an emerging chewable delivery system with a high payload capacity, clean label, and consumer-pleasing taste.

When does a tire go beyond a tire?

It is difficult to achieve optimal dosing and standardization in gummies, without requiring consumers to take large quantities of them each day. Some are high in sugar and artificial coloring, Smith comments. When people try our Gummy Bites, they quickly discover that they are beyond ordinary gummies.

Life Extension Omega-3 Gummy Chews has an optimal dosage of 300 mg of EPA and 225 mg of DHA in just one gum. These taste great, are sugar-free, and contain no artificial flavors or colors. They are fun to take and how chewy experience should be.

ConCordix borrows its delivery technology from salmon

Life Extension builds on a foundation of nutrition in everything it does, often referencing the power of fish oil to optimize human health. But they didn\’t have a chewable omega-3 product in their lineup that met dose relevance. Now they do, notes Andrew Myers, ND, chief science officer of Vitux AS, who helped develop Gummy Bites.

When we first started collaborating, we knew we needed to optimize levels of EPA and DHA, the two main essential fatty acids found in fish. We are providing 750mg of wild fish oil concentrate in one easy to take chewable.

Myers explains that the ConCordix Smart Chew technology mirrors how nature provides omega-3s. It\’s based on how the fats are packed into the salmon. It is a fish oil emulsified in a gelatin base and protein matrix. This creates billions of oil droplets that interface with the digestive tract wall, as documented by electron microscopy. This improves absorption by over 50% over the standard omega-3 product.

ConCordix Smart Chews offers customers a great solution for omega-3 supplementation. People are now willing to take their fish oil every day to optimize their health.

It\’s time to fill the omega-3 gap


There are tons of great nutrient combinations out there. But they don\’t matter if you don\’t get enough of the key nutrients, Smith concludes. More people need to get omegas every day. Some people take them sporadically. Others not at all. Gummy Bites will fill that gap for many people. Life Extension is very excited to bring them to market.


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