4 essential oils to have in the bedroom for better sleep in the hot summer months


Perhaps the most popular scent on the list, lavender is well known for its calming aroma. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Sleep problems are common. According to surveys conducted in 2018 and 2019, approximately 15.3% of Singaporeans, 35% of Malaysians and 20% of Thais suffer from insomnia, the most common sleep disorder. Whether you have chronic sleep problems or suffer from occasional bad sleep, easy ways to hack your sleep to ensure you get a better night\’s sleep are always welcome.

According to the Sleep Foundation, your sense of smell is also crucial in helping you get a good night\’s rest. After knowing what not to do before sleep, Yahoo life has now compiled a list of essential oils that you can incorporate into your nightly routine to facilitate a better night\’s sleep.


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Dropper bottle with lavender cosmetic oil. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

1. Lavender

Perhaps the most popular scent on the list, lavender is well known for its relaxing aroma. Research has also shown that aromatherapy involving inhaling lavender-scented steam has improved sleep quality and quality of life in women with sleep deprivation issues during menopause.

Lavender can help reduce stress and pain, making it a great scent to have in your bedroom before bed. Diffusing lavender essential oil in your room, using a lavender scented spray on your pillows, or even drinking lavender tea before bed are good ways to incorporate scent into your nightly routine.


Red sandalwood on a spoon. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

2. Sandalwood

Traditionally used for religious rituals and meditation, Sandalwood has a rich woody scent that has always been known to help reduce anxiety between its uses. Additionally, research has shown that sandalwood essential oil has sedative effects, promoting sleep by reducing wakefulness and increasing the amount of non-REM sleep.

Since sandalwood essential oil can be more expensive, many have decided to mix sandalwood with other sleep-inducing scents such as lavender and bergamot essential oils.


Chamomile oil. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

3. Roman chamomile

If you\’ve been having trouble falling asleep, chances are someone recommended chamomile tea to you. However, using Roman chamomile scent in your bedroom may work even better than tea.

There are two types of chamomile; Roman chamomile essential oil is best known for reducing anxiety, while German chamomile eases pain. One study showed that the scent of Roman chamomile helps promote better sleep and reduce anxiety among its participants. The blend of Roman chamomile and lavender scents has also been studied and shown to reduce anxiety among clinical nurses.

Diffusing the scent of Roman chamomile in your bedroom an hour before bedtime can be something to add to your routine to help you fall asleep.


Bottle of essential oil, pipette and fresh bergamot fruits on white marble table. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

4. Bergamot

The calming scent of bergamot is one reason it can promote sleep. Research has also shown that inhaling bergamot essential oil helps reduce cortisol levels in women. Cortisol is a stress hormone that helps your body deal with stressful situations, but high levels for an extended time can cause various problems, including insomnia and low energy levels.

Derived from the peel of the bergamot orange, bergamot essential oil is usually used with other perfumes such as sandalwood and lavender. However, it was also observed that 64% of participants in one study improved their sleep quality after using a blend of sandalwood and bergamot aroma sticks.


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