5 reasons why you should consume white turmeric regularly


White turmeric helps the body get rid of poisonous substances

White turmeric, also known as Zedoary or wild turmeric. White turmeric has a distinctive scent and is often used in medicines, cosmetics and culinary preparations. It is a historical spice which is not common in India. It belongs to the same family as ginger and turmeric but has a distinctive scent. It is also called Amba Turmeric due to its mango smell. It tastes spicy and ginger-like.

White haldi is typically used fresh in Indian cooking; it is also pickled or cut into thin rings and served on top of green salads. White turmeric is used as a dried spice in Indonesia and is ground into a powder after being dehydrated, oven dried or air dried. The powder can be used in place of arrowroot or barley in larger quantities. Read on for some benefits of consuming this healthy root.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consume White Turmeric Regularly:

1. Anti-inflammatory

White turmeric helps the body get rid of poisonous substances and extra fluid in the joints, reduces discomfort and is beneficial for rheumatism and arthritis sufferers. The beneficial effects of the active ingredient curcumenol are what give it its analgesic and wound healing properties. Apart from these, it helps in the recovery of wounds and other skin problems. White turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation, especially for conditions like arthritis, asthma, and other inflammation-related conditions.

2. Digestive properties

White turmeric is widely used to treat a variety of digestive issues and improve gut health. Colic, indigestion, poor appetite, worm infestation, gas, constipation and spasms are all conditions that the herb and its essential oil can help. They are also both endowed with powerful medicinal qualities. Along with these benefits, it also works as a natural healer to prevent ulcers caused by stress. Regular consumption of white turmeric promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes, which help digest food properly.

3. Anticancer properties

White turmeric contains curcumin, which is believed to have anticancer properties. It helps in the treatment and prevention of the growth of cancer cells in the body. For centuries, white turmeric has been used to treat cancer. The anticancer benefits of white turmeric are due to curcuzedoalide. White turmeric water extract has been shown to be beneficial in avoiding cancers such as breast, ovarian, stomach and other types of cancer.

4. Antioxidant properties

The abundance of antioxidants in white turmeric prevents the development of free radicals and oxidative stress in healthy cells. Curcumenol, a chemical molecule, works as an anti-allergen by preventing the production of substances that cause allergic reactions and awaken the immune system.

5. Skin and hair care

This amazing substance helps treat skin problems like acne and dark spots and can delay the onset of aging. White turmeric pastes applied topically to wounds promote faster healing. White turmeric is a natural skin care ingredient that helps treat various skin conditions like acne, scars, blemishes, etc. It also helps maintain healthy hair by preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

In conclusion, white turmeric is a powerhouse of health benefits, which makes it versatile in its use. It can be easily incorporated into your diet in various forms such as teas, capsules or powders and can also be used in cooking.

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