From Flab to Fabulous: Carrie Underwoods Weight Loss Journey

Most of us are constantly wondering how celebrities keep their bodies and look stunning despite major life changes. Carrie Underwood\’s weight loss was one such case that we are all wondering about. Most of these celebs seem to be navigating the weight loss journey without any problems and that makes us all the more curious. Carrie Underwood has been talked about in almost every household since she recently lost a significant amount of weight after pregnancy and all this in a very short amount of time.

It appears that lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise, and an active life appear to be key factors in her transition. As a woman in her thirties, it was quite a challenging task for her to lose the post-pregnancy weight. And if you\’re also struggling to lose weight, that\’s completely understandable. However, Carrie seems to have coped with this very well. Taking some insights from these lifestyle changes may also help one of you try to create this desired change.

Who is Carrie Underwood?

Carrie Underwood is a famous American actress, songwriter and singer. She was the winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. Since then, she has achieved countless musical achievements such as Blown away, Before he cheats and JJesus, take the Wheel. He has won a myriad of awards throughout his career. She has won numerous Grammy awards and Country Music Association awards. You may also have seen her on screen as an actress in movies and TV shows like Sound of live music! AND Blue blood. In addition to the fascinating world of song and acting, she is a noted philanthropist who has contributed to various charitable causes such as animal welfare, disaster relief, and education.

She is a mother of two beautiful children and has revealed that she gained a lot of weight after her second pregnancy in 2019. She worked very hard to shed those extra pounds after pregnancy.

Carrie Underwood\’s Weight Loss Journey

Carries Underwood\’s weight loss journey began after her 2005 streak on American Idol. Putting on those extra pounds hasn\’t only brought harsh comments from people, it\’s also led to Carrie feeling a lack of energy and buying clothes one size bigger every time. When she went on tour with her American Idol co-contestants, she started to control her weight and her diet for a healthier life. She started taking into consideration her calorie intake and exercise routine. There have been many efforts to manage her caloric intake which often amounted to only 800 calories a day. She also adds 30 second stretches 3 times a day before meals.

This change in her diet and exercise routine has improved her sleep and given her a much-needed energy boost. She is a mother of two and as you see her lifestyle now makes her look beautiful and radiant. Despite being a mother and having a successful career as a singer and actress, she has faced the challenge of losing weight. She ate a healthy and nutritious diet while she worked out to get the amazing body she has today.

Carrie Underwoods Weight Loss Diet Plan

Carrie Underwood has lost 50 pounds lately on a strict diet consisting of small portions and lots of exercise. Food is an essential component of life and provides us with the nutrition needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It seems like a natural step to manage your diet if you wish to lose weight. Carrie Underwood\’s diet would include fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, and low-carb lean meat. She has three meals a day which include eggs, chicken, green tea, vegetables and other lean meats. She also limited her intake of processed foods and sugar to maintain a healthy diet.


The diet plan places importance on breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Don\’t skip breakfast, it\’s the fuel you need to keep your brain going (1). Carrie says breakfast for her would be a vanilla smoothie with pea protein powder, almond milk and ice, a bowl of berries and half a banana, or a tofu scramble with readily available veggies like spinach, peppers, onions and a little sauce on top. If there\’s a plan to work out in the morning, she has an orange or a grapefruit. Along with this a cup of black coffee to give her the much needed caffeine boost.

What\’s quite unique here is that there are no fancy ingredients and no fuss. When you are a mother of two and have a myriad of household chores with your kids, a quick breakfast is all you need.


Carrie describes herself as 95% vegan. She isn\’t picky about her food and she wouldn\’t make a fuss in a restaurant, but she has been preferring the vegan life for quite some time now. Since she went vegan, she Carrie has been consuming mock chicken. She likes to add vegetables to her mock chicken and stir fry.



We all love to snack and it\’s almost an uncontrollable urge for some of us. This is a meal that most of us could end up eating unhealthily. Carrier Underwood\’s diet ensured she had room for snacking. Snack on protein bars! Now, you might want to buy these protein bars with caution. Be sure to read the label and ingredients as some protein bars can contain a high amount of sugar and calories. Some of them also have other additives that you\’d rather avoid.

The good news is that you can also make protein bars at home. Protein bars with a combination of granola, flaxseed, dates, sesame seeds, and organic jaggery as a sweetener are easy to make at home. And if you\’re craving something savory, popcorn or kale chips might be your options.


Carrie Underwood\’s most interesting meal might just be her dinner. When you\’re on a diet you expect salads, soups or even just a smoothie. But Carrie eats vegan burgers at dinnertime. The burger is all vegetarian and may sometimes contain some tofu.

You can make a homemade burger with healthy ingredients and enjoy it. You may want to avoid a burger especially if it has a lot of barbecue sauce. A healthier option is perhaps 3 ounces of grilled fish with some suitable vegetables. A cup of clear chicken soup or mushroom soup would also do the trick.

Carrie has been quite careful about what she eats before her shows. She would make sure to stay away from the starch before her shows. She hasn\’t been a fan of the no-carb policy, so she eats lots of fruit and vegetables but she forgoes bread.

Carrie Underwoods Workout Routine


Carrie Underwood\’s workout routine has been very consistent is what she has shared in her interviews. She also shared how when she was growing up she wasn\’t too sporty and if she had continued down that path she wouldn\’t have ended up well.

Her workout included 30 minutes of aerobics four times a week. Three times a week he engaged in strength training (2), (3).

This regimen would help her lose fat while building muscle strength. He also ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Her exercise routine also included dynamic sets of squats and push-ups. All of this would help her to have good posture, flexibility and a good core workout.

Carrie was also great at giving us \”couple goals\” as she loves working out with her husband too.

Just like her diet, she had a special pre-show exercise routine. Excessive time in the gym or rigorous workouts with more sets or reps wouldn\’t necessarily mean it\’s a better workout. This could actually make you tired and give you body aches (4).

Carrie Underwood makes sure to do more cardio and less strength training than usual. She says that while strength training is important, she doesn\’t want to look muscular on a red carpet. It\’s best to focus on stretching and eating a healthy meal before showing up for any event. Clearly, all you new moms should take care of your lifestyle if you wish to shed those pregnancy pounds.


The weight loss journey for any new mom is definitely an uphill one. Carrie Underwood\’s weight loss journey is certainly inspiring and she gives you insights to work on your body. Eating healthy, exercising well and spending time with yourself and your family are the key ingredients for a healthy and balanced life after pregnancy. It is quite evident that lifestyle changes will contribute much more to your desired goals than you might have expected. Remember that it\’s not just about looking good, it\’s also about feeling good. Don\’t stress and enjoy your weight loss journey without worrying too much about the results.


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