Kim Ks Trainer Senada Greca hits the beach in a blue bikini

TrainerGreek Senadathe new fitness trainer fromKim Kardashianshe\’s showing her 4.1 million Instagram followers that you don\’t have to hit the gym to get a good sweat!

The Zentoa founder headed to the beach for a full body workout that didn\’t require any equipment — or shoes — as he performed a full body workout in the sand wearing nothing but a bikini and some jewelry!

Kim Kardashian\’s Fitness Trainer Senada Greca hits the beach in a blue bikini for a workout!

The famous fitness instructor knows that summer is here and her fans want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. That\’s why she designed a short workout that her followers can do at the beach, no shoes needed! Senada also wears only a blue bikini from her Zentoa line to allow for a full range of motion as she guides her followers through a variety of exercises to work her arms, legs and core.

Strong Full Body – no equipment. Perfect for your next vacation or working out anywhere. So be sure to save and share with a friend, she wrote in the caption, reminding her followers that they can see more of her complete workout plans in the CrusHIIT section of her app (available for a monthly or annual fee). However, most of her followers seem content to follow what she posts on social media!

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Fitness instructor Kim French commented Stunning queen next to a trio of fire emojis while Stanley Ervin Jr. wrote: Great job. I love the bathing suit. SFM Fitness\’ Saman Munir wrote Love it while fitness model Silvana Araujo wrote On fire along with another long string of fire emojis. One fan commented: This is what perfection looks like! Thanks for giving me a goal!

Another follower asked, what\’s your nutritional advice and what do you keep your calories and macros to? Can you also share your diet tips? The question has drawn considerable backlash from fans, as each diet is personal and unique to an individual\’s body. However, Senada responded, writing: Hi lovely. I eat similar to the Crush It app (link in my bio) Regular Meal Plan. I prioritize protein, but I also value adequate amounts of carbohydrates and fat.

What do Senada\’s workouts look like when he\’s at the gym?

In another Instagram post, the fitness instructor also shared an upper body and abs workout that requires a variety of equipment at the gym to perform. However, he has given his followers some much-needed advice for performing pull-ups, which is something many of his fans have sought advice on in the past.

If you\’re looking to learn pull-ups, the first clip is a great method, without having to set up bands or have assistance. Working on that overhead grip and pull-up negatives goes a long way in developing pull-up strength, he wrote in the caption. Fitness instructor Dr. Joel Seedman commented: I love those negatives. So effective.

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Author and archer Jenna-Lee Reeves commented, “I\’ve been looking forward to more Smith machine workouts. I have one at home now and I\’m racking my brain trying to figure them all out. Senada replied: I love the Smith machine. So versatile. Another follower wrote, \”I really enjoyed the modified pull-up. I\’m training to be able to do a full unaided pull-up later this year.\” I liked that idea. Senada replied, Yesss! You got it, beauty!

I love this training session. I\’m going to try it now thanks another fan commented. I like this routine, agreed another follower. That first slide Wheeeewwww! Intense! Amazing work! a third fan chimed in. Senada replied: It was intense. Honestly, it made me angrier than real pull-ups. The fan replied, Ha Lol. WELL. You kissed him as usual along with a thumbs up emoji.

Senada Greca and Kim Kardashian were spotted traveling together in Japan last month!

Instagram | Greek Senada

Considering the reality star \’The Kardashians\’ has been working out with Senada since January, many fans are wondering if she\’s capable of doing a pull-up now too! The two were recently spotted together on a trip to Japan in April, so it seems like Kim wants access to her coaching wherever she goes!

Interested in more Greek Senada content? In another recent Instagram post, the popular fitness instructor responded to criticism by saying women shouldn\’t have any \”visible muscle\” while flexing in a bikini! Fans can watch that video by clicking here!

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