This 300-Rep Triceps Glove from Flex Lewis and Eddie Hall will finish off all arm sessions

Eddie Hall teamed up with bodybuilding legend, Flex Lewis, to bring us a 30 minute arms session to cap off all arms sessions. Hall has recently turned his passion from powerlifting to bodybuilding, and who better to join forces with seven-time Mr Olympia winner Flex Lewis. \”He put more dimension into me in thirty minutes than in 2 hours, if I\’m being honest,\” Hall noted at the end of the session.

Not for the faint of heart, the workout has a 100-rep glove to challenge your triceps to complete exhaustion. With a mix of holds and sets, you\’ll work yourself to failure and have 300 reps in the bag before you even begin if you count the grueling triceps challenge as a warm-up, as Lewis recommends.

Bodybuilders complete 3-4 rounds, but we are sure 1 round as a finisher would be enough. Unless you\’re preparing for your next bodybuilding show like Hall, of course.

Time for arm obliteration, Hall and Lewis style.

The workout

Hall and Lewis use a different set and rep range when training, so always be sure to tailor the rep schemes to your abilities.


Triceps glove: 3-4 rounds

  • Wide Triceps Extensions x 20 reps: Begin the gauntlet by completing triceps extensions. Stand facing the cable machine with a rope attachment, lean your torso forward slightly. With elbows locked at waist, extend arms until straight, split rope wide. Reverse the movement.
  • Triceps extensions close x 20 reps: Repeat another set of 20 triceps extensions, this time keeping the rope closed and extending your arms so they are close to your sides.
  • Overhead Triceps Extensions x 20 reps: Step away from the cable machine, in a staggered stance hold the attachment overhead with arms extended. Bend your arms behind your head and then extend your arms to straighten up. Lewis recommends doing a big stretch between each repetition.
  • Underhand grip pushdown x 20 reps: Using the attachment of the bar, with an underhand grip (palms up), lean your torso forward and bend your arms ready for your first rep. Extend arms with elbows locked at waist. Reverse motion ready to repeat.
  • Push down grip above hand x 20 reps: Swap your grip for an overhand grip (palms down) and complete the reps until you reach 100 total. Lewis advises not to cheat on reps and decrease your range of motion, make sure you fully bend your arms and extend them all the way. If you\’ve made it this far, congratulations.

Incline triceps extensions x 25 reps

Start with the bench set at about 30-45 degrees. Lie on the bench with the dumbbell on your shoulders. Keep your elbows in place and bend your arms so the dumbbells drop behind your head. Straighten your arms and squeeze your triceps with each rep.

Triceps extension over the machine x 25

Complete the same exercise on the triceps extension machine, use a setup that fits your needs. Focus on stretching your triceps between each rep before extending your arms.


Bicep curls x 25 reps

Hall and Lewis perform 25 reps of bicep curls before completing sets of 10, increasing and then decreasing the weights in a \”pyramid\” fashion. They complete an isometric grip for one beat at the top of each rep before progressing to pyramid sets. Start standing with the dumbbells at your side and in an underhand grip (palms up). Keep your elbows locked at your waist and curl the weights upward towards your collarbone. Reverse the movement.


Kate is a fitness writer for Men\’s Health in the UK where she contributes regular workouts, training tips and nutrition guides. She has a postgraduate diploma in Sports Performance Nutrition and prior to joining Mens Health she was a nutritionist, fitness writer and personal trainer with over 5,000 hours of coaching in the gym. Kate has a keen interest in volunteering for animal shelters and when she\’s not lifting weights in her backyard, she can be found walking her rescue dog.

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