What\’s best for your core? Here\’s what to know


The core muscles wrap around the midsection like a belt, forming a link between the upper and lower body. They support, stabilize, and help move the spine, trunk, and pelvis, and most movement in the body originates in or through the core.

The core muscles help protect the lower back, so they\’re important because four out of five Americans will experience lower back problems in their lifetime. One of the main reasons is the constant pressure on the lower back to support an upright posture. Compounding this problem is a protruding central part which has a negative impact on leverage.

To demonstrate the impact of leverage, hold a broom in front of you, pointing it forward and gripping the end with one hand. Even though the broom is very light, you will soon get tired from the leverage involved. Likewise, if your midsection leans forward due to excess abdominal fat, it affects leverage and forces the core muscles that support your spine to work harder just to keep you upright. The problem is compounded by weak muscles that tire easily, reducing their protection.

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