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Bodybuilding coach Charles Glass has developed a keen eye for the sport over the years. In a recent series of Instagram posts, Glass discussed counterfeit steroids and encouraged athletes to get regular checkups with doctors.

As one of the top bodybuilding coaches in the world, Charles Glass has used his engineering background to design effective workouts for people with different fitness goals. In addition to posting workout demonstrations, Glass teaches his students how to properly contract muscles for optimal results.

The role of steroids in bodybuilding has always been controversial. Over the past three years, fans and bodybuilders alike fear that drugs have contributed to the rise in deaths. In 2021, former Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden passed away due to suspected heart problems. Then, a year later, former Arnold Classic champion Cedric McMillan died at 46.

After McMillan\’s death, athletes Seth Feroce and Kali Muscle warned up-and-comers about the dangers of steroids. Feroce believes the \”bodybuilding lifestyle,\” which operates around exorbitant amounts of food and steroids, is to blame. And now Charles Glass is tackling the sensitive subject, which argues that counterfeit drugs have become more prevalent than ever.

Charles Glass warns against fake steroids: \’Do it right and your blood won\’t be like molasses\’

According to Charles Glass, insulin and fake steroids are produced in underground laboratories.

“People used insulin then, but not that much, less [the 80s]. Oh my god, yeah, [the drugs have changed] there\’s more counterfeit drugs out there, there\’s more counterfeit drugs out there, you think you\’re taking it but you\’re not taking it. You are taking something totally different that will ruin you. Why should you take it? You don\’t know what\’s in there. You buy the test for $30 and this guy sells it for $50, who are you gonna buy it from? The $30 person because he\’s cheaper. Doesn\’t mean it\’s good but it\’s cheaper. Most of the time, if it\’s that cheap, it\’s an underground lab,” shared Charles Glass.

As a gymnast, Glass claimed to be able to bench press 425 pounds with a natural physique.

“I was a gymnast in college, I was already strong. I was not on any drugs and was able to lift heavy loads. Considering how much I weighed, I was lifting heavy weights. You\’d be surprised what you can do. The thing is, you start seeing in your mid to late 30s [better] performance. I could bench 425 with nothing.

Finally, Glass pointed out that bodybuilders today are too concerned about size instead of regular health checkups.

“Most bodybuilders today, we all think only about getting big and don\’t think about all the other things that come with it. You must always always see a doctor. How many to see doctors now? I have to save my money to buy this buy that, but if you take the time to get it right, you\’ll keep growing and your blood won\’t get thick like molasses.

Charles Glass isn\’t the only veteran of the sport who believes steroid protocols have changed. Rich Gaspari competed as a men\’s Open pro in the 1990s and has suggested that dosages today are \”much higher\” than what he used to use during his heyday. After all, Gaspari has taken a different direction Fitness, fame and fortune podcast, where he argued that competitors today rely on excessive drug use rather than training.

Given Glass\’s meticulous approach to training, he continues to be an invaluable source of knowledge to the bodybuilding community. Above all, she encourages athletes to always take their time to build muscle.

Check out Charles Glass\’ other Instagram videos below:

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Published: May 27, 2023 | 11:20 AM EDT

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