5 expert-approved yoga poses to firm sagging breasts

Your breasts tend to sag as you get older, so saggy breasts are normal! However, if you\’re still looking for natural ways to make them look firm, here are five yoga asanas for sagging breasts.

Most women have a love-hate relationship with one part of their body or another. This is especially true when it comes to breasts. If the pressure of society and the constant need to look \”perfect\” makes you think a certain way, think again! With so many things to worry about in life, sagging breasts shouldn\’t be on your list. But if you still want to tone your chest and back muscles to make your breasts firmer, this article might help you!

First, you should know that saggy breasts are normal and your body goes through a myriad of changes as you grow. So, they tend to go down a bit as you get older.

Causes of sagging breasts

Breasts can change over time and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Also, changes to a person\’s breasts aren\’t usually harmful and it\’s nothing you should worry about. While the cause of sagging breasts or breast ptosis is unknown, studies have found causes that could cause it. According to a study published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery, some factors associated with breast ptosis include age, weight loss, higher body mass index, higher body mass index, pregnancies, and smoking. Breastfeeding, weight gain, and a lack of upper body exercise can also lead to sagging breasts.

Worried about sagging breasts? Yoga asanas you can try. Image courtesy of: Adobe Stock

Speaking of exercise, celebrity fitness trainer Anshuka Parwani recently took to her Instagram to share some exercises that can help improve your posture and make your breasts firmer.

Yoga for sagging breasts

In the caption, Anshuka writes, “There are certain factors like poor posture, lack of movement, which can lead to sagging breasts from a young age. A few movements will activate and tone your chest and back muscles, which will help keep your breasts firm and relieve stiff back muscles. A hunched or hunched back can cause the breasts to sag from their own weight, aggravating the sagging process. But when your posture is good, you\’re indirectly putting less strain on your back and breasts.

Here are some fitness expert recommended exercises for sagging breasts that you can do every day if you want to see a difference:

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1. Eagle weapons

For Seated Eagle Arms or Seated Garudasana, sit on a mat with your legs crossed over each other. Now, bring your hands together with your elbows close to each other. Wrap your left arm around your left arm so that your right palm touches your left arm. Both of your hands should be intertwined in each other like snakes. Make sure your spine is straight and your shoulders are relaxed. You should be looking straight ahead when you do this. Anshuka recommends that beginners do this for 30 seconds and gradually build up to 2 minutes on each side.

2. Arm extension

Sit tall with a straight spine on a mat. Place your right elbow in place of your left as you extend both arms straight out in front of you. Your arms should be at shoulder height as you swing your left arm towards you. When you start to feel a stretch, slowly extend your left arm as you bend it over your right arm. Anshuka recommends doing at least 10 reps (reps) on each side.

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Arm extension is a good exercise for sagging breasts. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock

3. Cactus Arms

Start by sitting on the carpet. With elbows bent at 90 degrees and chin parallel to the floor, extend arms out to the side. Feel the chest widen by squeezing the shoulder blades. You should do this at least 10 times a day.

4. Ear to shoulder stretch

Sit comfortably in a seat and lower your shoulders away from your ears. Tilt your left ear towards your left shoulder. As you do this, place your left hand on your head to support the stretch. Repeat on the other side. Do 10 reps on each side.

5. Cow Face Pose

Also known as Gomukasana, you start this asana by placing your left leg under your right leg. Now raise your right arm above your head, bend it at the elbow and place it across your back. Now, bring your left hand in a downward motion and try to hold your right hand with it. He brings his palms as close to each other as possible. Stay in the pose for as long as possible. Do 10 reps on each side.

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