HCAH partners with 14 insurance companies to offer outpatient care

Gurugram: HCAH, India\’s leading outpatient care provider, announces its partnerships with fourteen major insurance providers, becoming the first transitional care provider in India to make insurance available to its patients.

This is a significant milestone for HCAH as it becomes the first rehabilitation provider to offer cashless out-of-hospital care insurance coverage. This partnership enables patients to receive high-quality rehabilitation services without having to worry about financial burdens, while strengthening HCAH\’s position as a leader in the healthcare industry.

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HCAH TCCs focus on helping patients recover in a familiar setting outside of the hospital setting. HCAH aims to drive 100% recovery of a patient through high-end equipment, a multidisciplinary team, a milestones-based approach, and protocolized delivery. HCAH supports patients in multiple areas, such as Stroke Recovery, TBI, Spine Injury, Critical Care, Pulmonary Rehab, Cardiac Rehab, Dementia, Parkinson\’s, Onco Rehab, and Medical Management.

With an emphasis on significant cost savings for its patients, HCAH is revolutionizing healthcare in India with its firm commitment to cost-effective care. By partnering with top insurance companies including Medi Assist Insurance, Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Company Ltd, SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd., Navi General Insurance Ltd to name a few from the list, HCAH offers patients the double benefit of safety financial and quality assistance from qualified professionals.

The affordable prices of HCAH\’s TCCs, accounting for only 50% of hospital costs and one third of ICU costs, make it a practical and viable option for healthcare consumers in India. HCAH\’s bespoke insurance policies are available from HCAH Suvitas at Domlur, Bangalore and HCAH Suvitas at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

These policies are designed for patients commuting from hospital to home. Not only do they save costs, but they also provide the necessary support for patients to quickly return to their professional lives.


Vivek Srivastava, CEO and co-founder of HCAH, said: \”We are excited and equally excited to become the first company in the outpatient care landscape, to introduce insurance partnerships with key players in the insurance industry, enabling us to provide a comprehensive and holistic to transition care for our patients.Globally, this is a common step, but in India it is the first in the realm of CBT and rehabilitation care.

These partnerships with the best insurance providers in India will give our patients the peace of mind and financial protection they need during this critical time in their recovery process. HCAH has implemented this to ensure its transition care centers remain affordable and accessible to all patients.\”

Dr Gaurav Thukral, COO, HCAH also said, “Hospitals are there to save lives! At HCAH, we make people go back to their normal life. Alliance with major insurance players in the market can help people to use the same sum insured to recover in the comfort of the HCAH\’s TCCs and would lead to an earlier discharge from the hospital, with faster recovery to normal.

We are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients and are proud to work with some of the best insurance providers in India. We are excited about the possibilities they present for the future of transition care in India. This move also strengthens HCAH\’s position as a credible supplier.\”

Insurance benefits are available to all patients in the company\’s transition care program. The financial protection provided by these top-ranked insurers and HCAH\’s expertise in rehabilitation assistance enhance the quality, accessibility and affordability of transition assistance in India. This is a significant step forward in the evolution of transition care in India.

HCAH is a Delhi NCR based healthcare technology company present in over 70 cities across the country. He has raised investments from the Burman family (promoters of Dabur), the founders of Healthcare at Home UK, Quadria Capital, a Singapore-based healthcare fund, and ABC Impact. HCAH provides the best possible healthcare outcomes and quality of life outside of hospitals by building the most affordable and accessible healthcare ecosystem.

HCAH has 3 segments in which it provides its services: (i) Physical Rehabilitation and Recovery through its range of Inpatient Rehabilitation Services, Acute Long Term Care in Transition Care Centers, Digital and Home Rehabilitation; Home intensive care services and palliative care; and provision of rehabilitation equipment (ii) Aged care services including e-commerce and care services (iii) Chronic disease management services including screening, diagnostics, infusions, dialysis, cancer treatments, patient support programs, pharmacy, PAP and membership programs in association with leading pharmaceutical companies. All of these services are delivered through HCAH\’s proprietary technology platform in homes, centers and digitally.

HCAH is the first company to be accredited under QAI (Indian Home Care Standards). HCAH has published/presented 40 articles in national and international journals on its results. HCAH is the only outpatient care provider to be Great Places to Work Certified. Throughout its existence, HCAH has maintained an NPS of 65%+.

With the recent acquisition of Nightingales, HCAH becomes India\’s largest outpatient care platform. Furthermore, with the acquisition of Seniority in 2022, HCAH has emerged as the largest aged care platform in India. The company is developing an end-to-end aged care vertical for the holistic well-being of the growing aging population.

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