Know the secrets of Bipasha Basu for postpartum weight loss

Bipasha Basu, once counted among the fittest actors in Bollywood, has started her post-pregnancy weight loss transformational journey. Her trainer shares the nuggets of her workout routine exclusively with Health Shots.

When we talk about the fitness queens of Bollywood, Bipasha Basu cannot be left behind. The 44-year-old, who gave birth to a daughter six months ago, hit the gym on her gradual postpartum weight loss journey. In her golden words, Bipasha is working to \”rebuild a stronger version\” of herself \”from the ground up\”!

In her latest social media post, Bipasha Basu is engaged in a vigorous exercise routine. She seems determined to return to her pre-pregnancy body structure and regain her stamina and strength through a variety of exercises.

“Mama don\’t break down,” wrote the actor, whose daughter with actor Karan Singh Grover is named Devi Basu Singh Grover. Bipasha\’s post was accompanied by hashtags like \’love yourself\’, \’mom can do it\’, \’transform\’, \’post pregnancy weight loss journey\’ and \’nothing is impossible\’.

His fitness instructor Mahesh Ghanekar reveals that the goals of the actor\’s current workout routine are core strength building and weight loss.

“There is attention to inch loss. You have to be very careful with your post-pregnancy workout. So, we\’re trying to take things slow and slow. We do an hour-long training session with a series of different exercises that are part of functional training and strength building,” says Mahesh Ghanekar (@maheshfitnessclub), who also trains celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Soha Ali Khan at Health Shots.

Check out some snippets from Bipasha Basu\’s postpartum weight loss journey!

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Apart from the fitness regimen, he also advised Bipasha to control her carbohydrate and calorie intake after lunch, as well as reduce her salt intake.

Considering that Bipasha and her husband, actor Karan Singh Grover are fitness enthusiasts, adjusting to the new workout plan might not be too difficult for the new mom. Indeed, as Mahesh states, \”The star has returned with more power.\”

Want to know the postpartum exercises Bipasha Basu is doing for her inch loss journey? Scroll down.

Bipasha Basu is following these postpartum weight loss exercises

Here are some of the exercises that are part of Bipasha\’s transformation plan to reduce baby weight after pregnancy, according to the fitness instructor.

1. Warm-up lunge with dumbbells

A dumbbell lunge is considered to be a great exercise for improving leg strength, which further helps create better balance. They essentially target the glutes muscles and work the hip flexors, abs, calves and hamstrings.

2. Lunge over the pot head

This variation on a classic also focuses on stability and balance, which can prepare the body for more strenuous exercise. An overhead lunge from the plate is a good core-strengthening exercise, engaging the quadriceps and hamstrings, as well as the shoulders.

3. Dumbbell glute bridge

Mahesh Ghanekar has built a fan following with the way he uses accessories and props to make training more fun! Check out her fitness sessions with Soha Ali Khan to learn more. For Bipasha Basu\’s fitness regimen, she\’s giving her a dumbbell glute bridge, which strengthens her glutes. Strong buttock muscles are intrinsically important to a person as they help enhance any movement-related activity.

4. Counter top faucets

Here\’s another exercise that improves lower-body strength and is a great cardio move for increased core strength. Because it requires you to continuously stamp each foot on an elevated platform, it also increases your heart rate and burns more calories while building strength.

5. Half Kneeling Kettlebell Windmill

Pregnancy is a life changing experience for women, especially physically. Therefore, resuming a correct training regime must begin with exercises that help regain strength, coordination and balance. The half-kneeling kettlebell windmill is one such full-body exercise that also works your abs and increases shoulder stability.

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Bipasha Basu with his trainer Mahesh Ghanekar. Image Courtesy: Instagram | @maheshfitnessclub

6. Elbow boards

Elbow planks are another full-body workout that focuses on core stability. It also works its magic in reducing the risk of back pain, which is a common complaint among new mothers.

7. Pole leg press

The combination of a machine and heavy weights makes this exercise beneficial for the lower body. Your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves get a collective workout with this exercise. It is said to be a good alternative to squats, it reduces stress on the back by strengthening the legs and is also good for building abs.

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8. Squats with single dumbbells

When developing overall strength is one of your fitness goals, single dumbbell squats are quite effective. You can enhance your simple Jane squat experience by adding a dumbbell as resistance.

9. Plate push

A plate push exercise involves the use of a weight plate. Pushing this heavy plate works wonders for working out your chest, shoulders and triceps. Along with that, this powerful move is also effective for your lower body. It is especially helpful for ankle mobility.

10. Punches with dumbbells

Imagine punching with a set of dumbbells in your hands! Yes, that\’s exactly what they are, doubling the power of a punch. A boxing move, it works on strengthening the shoulders and triceps, as well as shaping the upper body. Meanwhile, your abs and core get a workout too!

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