Egg allergy? Try these 5 nutrient-rich substitutes for a delicious and healthy diet

Take it as a curry, bhurji or omelette, eggs are a healthy meal at any time of the day. They are versatile and provide almost all the essential nutrients for a healthy life. Eggs contain protein, vitamins, calcium, and iron among others, all of which come together to meet your daily nutritional needs in the most delicious way possible. That\’s why experts suggest consuming at least one egg a day to maintain a balanced diet. But did you know that there are a significant number of people who avoid eggs in their meals? No, we are not talking about those who follow a plant-based diet. Some people are allergic to eggs. Yes, you heard us right. For some individuals, egg protein acts as a foreign invader, triggering various types of allergies. What do they do then? Do they give up all the essential nutrients that eggs provide? The simplest solution is to substitute eggs for healthy alternatives that provide an equal amount of nutrients to your body.
In this article, we will walk you through some food options that are considered to be perfect alternatives to eggs. But before we dive in, let\’s explain more about egg allergy, so you can make an informed decision the next time you consider having eggs. Read on.
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What is egg allergy? How does it occur?

Let\’s start by understanding how allergies occur. When your body encounters a foreign substance, it automatically releases chemicals to create antidotes. When these antidotes do not react properly in the body, they lead to various health problems including allergies. In case of an egg allergy, the proteins in egg whites and yolks act as foreign substances. When they react negatively with the chemical called histamine, it causes an allergic reaction to eggs.

What are the symptoms of egg allergy?

Allergic reactions to eggs can vary from person to person. While some might experience skin rashes and inflammation, others might experience various digestive issues, including stomach pains, nausea, indigestion, bloating, and more. Some people also experience cold-like symptoms such as a runny nose after eating eggs. These allergic reactions usually show up within minutes of consuming eggs. However, in some cases, symptoms may appear even after two or three hours.

How to prevent these allergic reactions?

As mentioned above, the best way to prevent an egg allergy is to eliminate eggs or egg products from your diet. When buying packaged food, always check the label to see if it contains egg in the ingredients list. For your daily diet, browse your kitchen pantry for ample healthy alternatives like eggs. Let\’s look at some of the more common ingredients available in your pantry.
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Here are 5 of the best egg alternatives for you:

1. Bananas:

The most commonly available fruit throughout the year, bananas are a great alternative to eggs. They are rich in almost all essential micro- and macronutrients, making them a healthy and fulfilling choice. You can eat bananas as they are or add them to your meals in different ways. If you are concerned about the high sugar content in bananas, we suggest making banana tea to enjoy all the benefits without adding extra calories to your diet. Click here for a banana tea recipe.

2. Chia Seeds:

Over the years, chia seeds have found a permanent place in almost every kitchen. These tiny seeds are packed with every essential nutrient and help meet your daily nutritional needs. You can soak them in water and consume them as a detox drink or make a delicious pudding for a healthy breakfast or healthy dessert. We have a delicious chia seed pudding recipe to curb your sweet cravings guilt-free. Click here for the recipe.

3. From:

Dal, or lentils, is a staple in every Indian household. But have you ever wondered why? Is it just because Dal is easily accessible all year round? No, Dal has much more to offer. It is a storehouse of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and several essential nutrients, making it a complete meal in its own right. Click here for some delicious dal recipes for a healthy lunch or dinner.
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4. Almonds:

Since time immemorial, we have seen our parents force us to eat almonds, also known as badam. Hence, it becomes even more important to understand why they do this. Almonds are considered a superfood as they contain a good amount of protein, fiber, healthy oils, and essential vitamins and minerals. Having a handful of almonds a day is enough to get your daily nutritional dose. But remember, always soak, peel, and then keep the almonds to enjoy their full benefits. Click here for more smart ways to include almonds in your diet.
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5. Dahi (Indian yogurt):

Dahi is perhaps one of the best alternatives to add to recipes that call for egg as an ingredient. It provides a creamy, fluffy texture and is packed with various healthy ingredients that make it a perfect egg substitute. Click here for some fun ways to include dahi in your daily diet.
Next time you experience one of the above allergic reactions, don\’t worry! Replace your eggs with these healthier alternatives and enjoy a healthy and safe life. However, if you are experiencing severe symptoms, it is always best to consult an expert to get a clearer picture.

Disclaimer: This content, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical advice. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for further information. NDTV assumes no responsibility for this information.

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