I did the X plank for a week – here\’s what happened to my core

The basic plank is a great core-building exercise, which can help prevent back injuries, and is great for overall stability and posture. It\’s not the most exciting move in the world, but there are many variations that can add to the challenge and engage other muscles. One of them is the X table. Don\’t you know it? Neither did I until my editor challenged me to do it every day for a week. Again, I couldn\’t thank her enough.

Difficult, this, since there are a couple of moves that use the same name. The stationary version works like this: get into a plank position, but with your arms and legs apart, and hold the position. I tried this for comparison: I found that my lower core was immediately worked hard, as were the outer parts of my thighs. It\’s something I think I\’ll come back to. But I wanted to try the dynamic version, where you move from a plank into a downward facing dog and tap each lower leg or ankle with the opposite hand. For the first few days of the challenge, I wished I\’d gone with option one.

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