Indiana Medical Board Rebukes OB-GYN Physician Who Spoke on Providing Medical Abortion for 10-Year-Old Rape Victim

On Thursday, the Indianas Medical Licensing Board voted to reprimand and fine obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Caitlin Bernard $3,000 on trumped-up charges that she violated the privacy of a 10-year-old Ohio rape victim last year by speaking publicly of the implication of the rollover Roe versus Wade after providing the girl with a medical abortion.

Dr. Caitlin Bernard [Photo: Emerson @Camdenation]

The title story began on June 22, 2022, when Columbus, Ohio police were notified of the rape of the young girls through Franklin County Children\’s Services. Two days later the US Supreme Court reversed Roe versus Wade, triggering the enactment of an Ohio law limiting abortions after fetal heart activity is detected, which is approximately six weeks into the pregnancy.

On June 27, Dr. Bernard received a call from a child abuse physician in Ohio explaining that his patient was over the legal pregnancy threshold of six weeks and three days for the state to permit her to obtain. a legal and safe abortion. Dr. Bernard accepted her referral and the girl traveled with her mother to Indiana. On June 30, the medical abortion was completed.

Although the Supreme Court\’s ruling had not yet affected Indiana\’s abortion laws, the Indiana General Assembly was planning to call a special session on July 25 to specifically discuss restrictions on their abortion policy. But because the procedure was still legal, the girl, like many others, was on her way to a neighboring state where this treatment was being provided.

Dr. Bernard, speaking with the Indianapolis star, he said at the time, it\’s hard to imagine that in a few weeks we won\’t be able to provide such assistance. Basically, she was talking not only about her own practice, but the impact on the reproductive health of women in her state and everywhere else in the country that was affected by the Supreme Court\’s reactionary decision.

Defending his actions, he recently explained to PBS News Hour because he spoke to the press about the details of the case at hand. I think it\’s incredibly important for people to understand the real-world impacts of this country\’s abortion laws, Dr. Bernard said. I think it\’s important that people know what patients are going to face as a result of the legislation that has been passed, and a hypothetical has no such impact. Additionally, he explained that he has ethical obligations as a physician to educate the public about issues that have had a significant negative impact on their health.

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