7 exercises that target and tone your tummy at every angle

If you want to build a well-defined midsection and an impressive set of abs, hitting your belly at all angles is the way to get there. A strong core not only looks stellar at the beach, but it also plays a crucial role in performing at your best in the physical activities you love like biking, kayaking, golfing, swimming, paddle boarding, and volleyball. It is also a vital part of successfully completing tasks and chores such as carrying grocery bags, lifting heavy boxes, vacuuming and cleaning. Plus, a tight, toned belly helps you build strength elsewhere in your body. That\’s why we\’re offering seven of the best exercises that tone your tummy at every angle. As you gear up for beach season and beyond, these moves will come in clutch.

Get excited, because you won\’t need to spend extra money on an expensive gym membership if you don\’t want to. All of these exercises can be done from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. They will help strengthen, stabilize and seriously tone your midsection so you can get the abs you\’ve been looking for. Your posture, balance, and overall fitness will also improve.

We talked to Tyler Read, the founder of PTPioneer.com and a personal trainer who has been involved in the world of health and fitness for the past 15 years, who breaks down the following exercises that tone your tummy at every angle. Read typically recommends her clients do the following exercises as part of their regular workout three to four times a week. \”Collectively, they hit all the major muscle groups in your core to ensure the most complete sculpt in the area,\” he explains.

Read on to learn about your new favorite core-strengthening exercises, and when you\’re done, don\’t miss workout #1. No. 1 for standing abs for a visibly toned six-pack.


The plank is a simple move that will put your entire core to work. To begin, do a pushup as you rise onto your toes, but rest both forearms on the floor. Activate your core and make sure your lower back doesn\’t sag. Your body should be kept in a straight line as you hold the plank for 30-60 seconds.


Next up is the Russian twist. You will begin this core-strengthening exercise by sitting on the floor on an exercise mat. Bend both knees, pull your torso towards your spine and lean back a few inches while keeping your back straight. Keep both hands in front of your chest as you rotate your upper body to the left, then to the right to complete one full repetition. Keep turning from side to side.

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The bicycle crunch will have you lying on the ground as you press your lower body against it. Place both hands next to your head, then lift your knees towards your chest as if you were pedaling a bicycle; you\’ll crunch the left side of your body toward your right knee while your left leg stays extended, then repeat on the opposite side.


For mountain climbers, start in a high plank with your wrists directly under your shoulders. Bring your balls together as your body forms a straight line. Then, bring your left knee towards your chest, quickly press it into a high plank, and repeat the same movement with your right knee. The motion should be similar to \”running in place,\” as Read says.

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Lie on your back for scissor kicks. Place your hands at your sides or under your hips for support. Then, lift both legs off the floor and alternate one up and one down, like a scissor.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e


Reverse crunches will also have you lying flat on your back on the ground. He lifts both legs in the air and bends his knees slightly. Then, roll your back off the floor as you bring your knees toward your head to complete a reverse crunch.

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Last but not least, Read advises dead bugs to close this list of exercises that tone your tummy from every angle. You will start by lying on your back on the floor. Extend both arms toward the sky and lift your legs so your knees are at 90-degree angles. Then, simultaneously lower your left arm and right leg so they are fully extended and suspended above the floor. Return them to the starting position and repeat the movement with the right arm and left leg.


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