Fact Check: Should You Have A Cold Drink After Eating Mangoes?

Our WhatsApp groups are often flooded with tons of unverified health tips and anecdotes masquerading as fact. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to substantiate these claims before blindly believing and following them to avoid any negative repercussions on your overall well-being. Today we bring you one such statement that is going viral on instant messaging app. Amid mango season in all its glory, the message advises against drinking cold drinks after eating mangoes. Why? It can be deadly, she claims.

Do not drink cold drinks after eating mangoes. Some people were traveling to Chandigarh. They ended up consuming cold drinks immediately after eating mango. They immediately fell ill and lost consciousness. After being rushed to hospital for treatment, they were pronounced dead, the message read.

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She also claims that doctors advised against drinking cold drinks or any cold drinks after eating mangoes. The citric acid found in mangoes combines with the carbonic acid found in cold drinks to form poison in yours stomach. Please send this message to all your loved ones. The mango season has begun. Be sure to explain this to the children as well, read further.

But is the statement true? Is it really fatal to drink cold drinks after consuming mango? We reached out to the experts to find out more.

\"\" Here\’s why mangoes should be eaten separately (Source: Pexels)

Ideally, you shouldn\’t have anything airy while or immediately after eating fruit, said Karishma Shah, an integrative nutritionist and health coach. This is because drinking something aerated makes it somewhat problematic for the body digest food. When you eat something, natural digestive juices start to work. But when you drink something aerated or carbonated, you end up creating an air pocket in your stomach which leads to a lot of unwanted air in your digestive system, making it difficult to digest food well, she explained.

As for mangoes, the nutritionist shared that there might be a phenomenon where you might feel a little uncomfortable after having a cold drink. This may not necessarily be true for everyone, but it could happen to some. Therefore, don\’t have anything fizzy right after to avoid gastric problems.

Speaking about the viral claim that combining the two could lead to death, Shah said that it is quite extreme and such WhatsApp advances should not be believed. It\’s like a lot of people are asking you not to have bottle gourd juice because it is oxidative in nature and can lead to health problems. But the truth is, some people don\’t react that way. I don\’t believe in WhatsApp knowledge school. So, you don\’t need to get scared by such claims about mango or other things. They don\’t happen to everyone and are only likely to occur in extreme and rare cases, she said.

Agreed, famed nutritionist Shweta Shah, founder of Eatfit24/7, said mixing the wrong kind of fruit together can do more harm than good. Sure, it\’s not deadly, but it can cause serious digestive issues like gas, bloating and constipation since cold drinks and mango are incompatible foods, according to Ayurveda, she said, adding it can also lead to a spike in blood sugar levels. blood.

But not just cold drinks, because the nutritionist said you shouldn\’t eat anything immediately after eating a mango. Eat it as a separate index. This is because mangoes have a high glycemic index. When you eat it with something else, your blood sugar levels go even higher. Therefore, it should be eaten separately. Forget mangoes, fruit, in general, shouldn\’t be eaten with anything else, Shah said.

Milk, in particular, should also be avoided with mangoes as it is highly incompatible with the fruit and hampers digestion, Shweta highlighted. Some foods that you should avoid with mangoes are milk, curds, buttermilk, dairy products like cheese, cold drinks, mango smoothies etc. Drinking carbonated drinks with mango should also be avoided to stay away from gas, bloating and constipation, she added.

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