75 Funny and Sweet School Jokes for Kids

Sometimes you just need a good laugh, and your students do too! Whether it’s a chuckle about classrooms, students, supplies, or teachers, these school jokes for kids are just the thing to take in when you need a bit of humor during the day.

Our Favorite School Jokes for Kids

1. What is a snake’s favorite subject in school?



2. Which school supply is king of the classroom?


A ruler.

3. Why did the teacher wear sunglasses to school?


Because her students were so bright.

4. What time would it be if Godzilla came to school?


Time to run!

5. What is a witch’s favorite subject in school?



6. Which letter of the alphabet has the most water?


The “C.”

7. What’s the best place to grow flowers in school?


In kindergarden.

8. Why did the teacher draw on the window?


Because he wanted his lesson to be very clear!

9. What do elves learn in school?


The elf-a-bet.

10. Why did the egg get thrown out of class?


Because he kept telling yolks.

11. Why did the dog do so well in school?


Because he was the teacher’s pet.

12. Why are fish so smart?


Because they live in schools.

13. Why do magicians do so well in school?


They’re good at trick questions.

14. What do you need to go to high school?


A ladder.

15. Why did the kid eat his homework?


Because his teacher said it was a piece of cake.

16. Why isn’t there a clock in the library?


Because it tocks too much.

17. Why did the teacher jump into the pool?


He wanted to test the water.

18. What kind of school do surfers go to?


Boarding school.

19. What did one pencil say to the other on the first day of school?


Looking sharp!

20. What do you do if a teacher rolls her eyes at you?


Pick them up and roll them back!

21. Why was the broom late for school?


He over-swept.

22. Which building has the most stories?


The library!

23. How many letters are in the alphabet?


11: T-H-E A-L-P-H-A-B-E-T.

24. How do fish get to school?


The octobus!

25. Why did the jellybean go to school?


To become a Smartie!

26. What does your computer do for lunch?


Has a byte!

27. What dinosaur had the best vocabulary?


The thesaurus.

28. What did the buffalo say at drop-off?



29. What does a book do in the winter?


Puts on a jacket.

30. What did the paper say to the pencil?


Write on!

31. What contest do skunks win at school?


The smelling bee!

32. Why do calculators make great friends?


You can always count on them.

33. What school requires you to drop out in order to graduate?


Skydiving school.

34. What should you grow in a school garden?


Human beans.

35. Why did the girl do her homework on an airplane?


To achieve a higher education.

36. Why can’t pirates learn the alphabet?


Because they keep getting lost at C.

37. Why do music teachers need a ladder?


To reach the high notes.

38. How do bees get to school?


On the school buzz.

39. Why is history a sweet subject?


Because it has many dates.

40. Why didn’t the sun go to college?


Because it already has many degrees.

41. What is the blackboard’s favorite drink?


Hot CHALKolate.

42. What’s a butterfly’s favorite subject?



43. Who is everyone’s best friend at school?


The princiPAL.

44. Why is 2 + 2 = 5 like your left foot?


It’s not right.

45. Why did the square and triangle go to the gym?


To stay in shape.

46. Which animal cheats on exams?



47. What are the 10 things teachers can always count on?


Their fingers.

48. How do you make seven an even number?


By removing the S.

49. How did the music teacher get locked out of her classroom?


Her keys were on the piano.

50. What does a thesaurus eat for breakfast?


A synonym roll.

51. What school does an ice cream man go to?


Sundae school.

52. What’s so fresh in the chemistry class?


The experiMINTS.

53. Why does the math class make students sad?


Because it is full of problems.

54. Which is the tallest school building?


The library, because it has so many stories.

55. Why are music teachers good baseball players?


Because they have a perfect pitch.

56. What do you call a classmate with a dictionary in their pants?


Smartie pants.

57. Who’s the superhero in computer class?


The Screen Saver!

58. What did the paper say to the pen?


You have a good point.

59. What is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty?


The blackboard.

60. Why do we measure a snake in inches?


Because it doesn’t have feet.

61. Which tree is the math teacher’s favorite?


62. What’s the most tired school supply?


A knapsack.

63. Why did the student throw her watch out of the school window?


She wanted to see time fly.

64. Which are the smartest letters of the alphabet?


The (wise) Ys.

65. Why do fireflies get bad grades at school?


Because they are not bright enough.

66. Why is the obtuse angle always upset?


He can never be right!

67. What’s a frog’s favorite year?


A leap year.

68. Which state is called the land of pencils?



69. Which U.S. state has the most math teachers?



70. How do you know that Saturn was married more than once?


Because it has so many rings!

71. What does a spider do on the Internet?


Create a WEBsite.

72. When do student astronauts eat?


During launch time.

73. What are the coolest letters of the alphabet?



74. What makes a circle overqualified?


It has 360 degrees!

75. How much do computers eat for lunch?


A byte.

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