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Prep your music classroom this fall with these awesome (and free!) music resources. These 15+ songs, with lyrics and sheet music, will give you some new tunes to introduce to your students! Plus, 12 different musical instrument crossword puzzles are the perfect way to teach students about different music tools. You won’t want to miss this awesome variety of music teacher resources from Music K-8!

Get the free download and you’ll find these music teacher resources:

Music K-8 Magazine: September/October 2023 Issue

This magazine is jam-packed with new music that’s perfect for the start of your school year. It features more than 10 songs with exciting seasonal themes including pumpkin spice, Veterans Day, and back to school.


Musical Instrument Crossword Puzzles

Grab these 12 crossword puzzles, each featuring a different musical instrument. This is a great resource for exposing students to awesome facts about the instruments. The crosswords make a great whole-class activity or early-finisher idea. You’ll find crosswords on the piano, trumpet, violin, flute, saxophone, and more!


Back-to-School Song

This song is perfect for getting students back into the spirit during the first few weeks of school. It’s a great reminder of the importance of learning and can even be a great resource for back-to-school assemblies.


Peaceful Songs

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we want a world of peace. These universal songs are useful at any point in the school year. You’ll find a printable PDF of the piano/vocal score, lyrics, and rehearsal tracks in MP3 format.


Cowboy Recorder Song

Add this to your recorder lesson this year! Featuring the sounds of a Western movie score, you’re students will love the tempo of this song using the beginner notes B and A.

Hungarian Dance No. 5

Check out this dance created by German pianist and composer Johannes Brahms in the 1860s. This arrangement has the option to use rhythm sticks, Boomwhackers®, recorder, bucket band, and hand percussion.

Noodle Ninja

Have your students show off their rhythm reading skills! These “toonz” were made to be used with Noodle Kits™, which include Noodle Blocks, Rhythm Sticks, and Chime Plates. You can also use similar-sounding percussion instruments. Students can watch, listen, and play along with included videos and color-coded student parts.


Presto Largo Song

Students will have so much fun with the fast boom-chick rhythm in this song! It’s full of extremes, with high highs and low lows, making this an exciting one to keep up with. Get the video, MP3 file, lyrics, and sheet music for this song.


Spooky Ukee

Who doesn’t love a good ukulele song? This one is especially fun with it’s spooky theme, just in time for Halloween this fall. This song is easy enough for most students to play and sing at the same time.


We Will Remember Song

This song was composed for Remembrance Day, also known as Veterans Day, which falls on November 11. It’s a reflective piece featuring a range of instruments including piano, guitar, bass, snare drum, and more.

If you’re looking for musical instruments, workbooks, or songs for your class this year, look no further than Music K-8!

Download these free music teacher resources today to get a sneak peek at the awesomeness Music K-8 offers.


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