How Can Publishers Make The Most Of eLearning Opportunities?

eLearning For Publishing Companies

Are you looking for ways to broaden your sales horizons? Do you need to equip your authors with the right skills to streamline the editing process or build their personal brand? eLearning provides ample opportunities to every field, and publishing is no exception. Let\’s look at how you can use Learning Management Systems (LMSs), courses, and other eLearning solutions to keep up with the times and maximize profits.

Leveraging eLearning To Take Publishing Companies To The Next Level

Author Training

Every publishing company has authors whose talent and potential are invaluable for business success. Why not enhance this talent and seize the chance for quality online writing courses? There are plenty of author training programs available that help writers improve their skills and receive feedback in real time, all in the same place. All your authors have to do is get access to the software of their choice and choose programs that fit their interests and niche from the comfort of their homes.

The same applies to writing workshops, which don\’t have to be in person anymore. A virtual event will connect writers from all over the world, where they will share their ideas and opinions, equipping themselves with plenty of creativity for their future projects. They can also have access to unique resources based on their preferred genre so that they gain a competitive advantage.

Marketing And Sales Training

A publishing company\’s operations aren\’t limited to content production. One of the most essential parts is actually promoting that content. eLearning can be an effective way of mastering the marketing game. For example, product knowledge training will give your sales and marketing teams everything they need to promote a new book by enrolling them in relevant lessons. They will provide useful information about the book\’s storyline, the author\’s background and creative process, and selling points that will optimize the campaign\’s targeting. This way, your employees will be more confident when promoting the product.

Your sales team can also be trained on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools through the software. Instead of traditionally training them with lengthy and complex lessons, offer them eLearning courses covering everything about CRM, from simply knowing their way around the tool to using advanced features. This way, your sales team will know how to track leads and manage customer contacts while also automating their most repetitive tasks.


Few people know that one of the most significant aspects of a publishing company is its distribution and logistics teams, which are responsible for bringing our favorite books out into the world for everyone to buy. You can also use eLearning software to train your teams on supply chain management. Publishers collaborate with various partners that sell and distribute their products, and it can be confusing for employees to get familiar with all the different systems and processes. A supply chain training program will prepare them for everything, like order processing or shipping. Your partners or vendors can also monitor online lessons to ensure that your employees will meet their needs.

Discovering Learning Management Systems

An LMS can be your trusted companion when creating, delivering, and managing learning experiences. Apart from having a centralized hub where you can manage how you train everyone in a publishing company, it also serves many other purposes. For instance, it\’s your chance to create engaging eLearning courses autonomously. An LMS simplifies the design process with user-friendly tools and plenty of formats, especially if you opt for one with authoring tool integration. Create your own multimedia content from scratch on the platform and track your lessons\’ progress and analytics, like participation rates and engagement.

Additionally, Learning Management Systems allow you to create a virtual library full of your content, like eBooks, courses, audiobooks, educational videos, etc. Your learners are able to find content based on their needs and preferences. This will attract more authors since each one will have a dedicated page and a portal of their own where they can manage their contributions and collaborate with peers.

Finally, you can cultivate a space where readers and authors can communicate by offering dedicated forums in your LMS. Users can join discussions about books and delve deeper into the storyline and characters while sharing feedback. Authors can also offer writing tips or reveal some of their future plans to keep fans engaged. You can even bring together groups of readers through virtual book clubs, where people will share book recommendations and organize book reading sessions. Your community could include contests and resource libraries where people could get help with writing.


Changes are happening at lightning speed, and publishers need to adapt quickly. So, follow the above tips and find which approach suits you best. Embracing eLearning and its tools is necessary to ensure long-term success in this competitive industry. Also, stay tuned for our upcoming article about how publishing companies can break into the eLearning industry.


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