New details emerge in BC swim team hazing allegations

Freshman members of the Boston College men’s and women’s swim and dive program were allegedly forced to binge drink until they vomited and then consume their own vomit, according to new details SwimSwam reported regarding the hazing allegations that last week prompted college officials to suspend the program indefinitely.

Earlier SwimSwam reported that some team members had been forced to drink until they vomited and then wear the vomit in bags around their necks.

The swimming news site referenced a letter from a BC administrator obtained by the independent student newspaper, The Heights, describing team parties in early September. It noted that participants had potentially violated five areas of the student code of conduct: hazing, alcohol policy, disorderly conduct, community disturbance and complicity.

A statement from Boston College Athletics revised the earlier charge of hazing to “credible reports of hazing.”

“Based on the information known at this time, Athletics has determined a program suspension is warranted, pending a full investigation by the University,” the statement read. “Once the investigation and adjudication process is complete, Athletics will reassess the status of the teams.”



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