New nasal spray to reverse overdoses of fentanyl and other opioids gets FDA approval

This photo provided by Indivior in May 2023 shows their drug Opvee. US health regulators have approved the drug to reverse overdoses caused by fentanyl and other strong opioids. Individual via AP hide caption toggle caption on/off Individual via AP This photo provided by Indivior in May 2023 shows their drug Opvee. US health regulators … Read more

New Valley Springs Behavioral Health Hospital to provide \”sanctuary for healing\” in Western Massachusetts

Artistic representations for Baystate Behavioral Health Hospital. (Courtesy: Baystate Medical Center) HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) Construction of Valley Springs Behavioral Health Hospital, a joint venture between Baystate Health and Lifepoint Behavioral Health, is nearing completion in Holyoke. Baystate Behavioral Health Hospital in Holyoke opens a 150-bed facility The state-of-the-art psychiatric facility, designed to meet the unique … Read more

Iowa nurse charged with abuse for stealing patient\’s oxycodone

For the second time in 10 years, an Iowa nurse accused of stealing painkillers from patients has had her license suspended by the state. The Iowa Board of Nursing recently voted to indefinitely suspend the license of Tammie Lynn Illg, 47, of Whittemore, alleging that in October 2022 she stole prescription pain relievers from a … Read more

Tremella mushrooms may boost cognitive health, skin elasticity, immunity and moreHere\’s what to know

Although some people object to their taste and texture, there\’s a lot to like about mushrooms. For starters, they tend to be a surprising source of antioxidants, fiber, and protein, and are often associated with immunity protection and brain health. But mushrooms have additional benefits beyond their healthy nutrient profiles: Functional mushrooms like lion\’s mane, … Read more

How the US became addicted to fentanyl

The story of how the United States became addicted to fentanyl is a classic story of supply and demand creation. It began in the mid-1990s, when pharmaceutical companies like Purdue aggressively upended the rules of medical marketing and flooded doctors\’ offices and medicine cabinets with revolutionary pills called Oxycontin. Not only did the pharmaceutical companies … Read more

Wegovy and Ozempic could be anti-addiction drugs as they cure drinking and drinking habits

Patients taking the successful weight-loss drug Wegovy are reporting an unusual added benefit that they are free from other addictions that used to rule their lives. Users across the country say their cravings for cigarettes and alcohol became less intense when they started taking the weight-loss shot. Others say that bad habits like nail biting, … Read more

The drug shortage in America reaches new heights

Illustration: Ada Amer/Axios Shortages of cancer drugs and other life-saving drugs are reaching their worst point in a decade, forcing doctors to develop alternative solutions and the Biden administration to mount a government-wide response. Because matter: Shortages are emerging deep-seated problems in the American drug supply chain, especially with regards to commonly used generic drugs. … Read more

16 best low carb keto veggies

Low-carb and keto lifestyles are popular, and for good reason. While carbs can be part of a healthy diet, limiting them may be a smart choice for some people, and focusing on quality carbs is a smart move for everyone. Limiting carbohydrates, especially those from empty calorie foods such as white and refined grains and … Read more