Egg allergy? Try these 5 nutrient-rich substitutes for a delicious and healthy diet

Take it as a curry, bhurji or omelette, eggs are a healthy meal at any time of the day. They are versatile and provide almost all the essential nutrients for a healthy life. Eggs contain protein, vitamins, calcium, and iron among others, all of which come together to meet your daily nutritional needs in the … Read more

To consume or not to consume: Almonds in summer

The many benefits of eating almonds it cannot be emphasized enough. Whether it\’s for strong memory, healthy skin, or general well-being, this nut has been a popular choice due to its nutritional properties. However, almond discourse also has various myths and misconceptions revolving around this healthy food ingredient. Therefore, one aspect that confuses us all … Read more

From soy to almonds: are milk substitutes healthier?

Shavuot is upon us, and like every year, we\’ll join family and friends for a feast around a table full of dairy and cheesecake. But what happens when dairy products reach our digestive system? Adi Zusman, clinical nutritionist, points out that a significant percentage of the population suffers from various sensitivities and dairy products can … Read more