Senator Elizabeth Warren investigates abortion access among states\’ patchwork plans

wASHINGTON Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is launching a new round of questioning about states\’ limits on abortion rights as a battle over medical abortion hangs in the balance in federal court. Warren and three other Democratic senators sent letters late last week to five major health care and pharmaceutical groups asking how the US Supreme … Read more

Social anxiety tends to be elevated among those who experienced emotional abuse in childhood

New research published in Journal of Affective Disorders sought to investigate the relationship between child maltreatment and social anxiety. The research team of Jiaqi Liu and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of the studies and found that those who are victims of childhood maltreatment are more likely to develop social anxiety. They also found that emotional … Read more

Marijuana use among adolescents and young adults linked to mental health conditions

Researchers in Denmark worked with the US National Institutes of Health on a study showing a link between cannabis use and schizophrenia in young people, particularly young adults. The research adds to medical professionals\’ growing concerns about cannabis use among younger generations. The study was published in the academic journal Psychological Medicine earlier this month. … Read more

NCAA Study: Sports Betting Prevalent Among Young Adults Amid Rise in Advertising

Amid growing concerns about the prevalence of sports betting on college campuses, an NCAA a survey of 3,527 young people between the ages of 18 and 22 found that 58% had engaged in at least one sports betting activity. Charlie Baker he commissioned the poll weeks after he took office as NCAA president.Opinion diagnostics conducted … Read more