PTSD, anxiety related to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Stress-related disorders and anxiety are associated with a higher risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), suggests a new case-control study. The researchers compared more than 35,000 OHCA cases with a similar number of matched controls and found an almost 1.5-fold increased risk of long-term stressful conditions among OHCA patients compared with controls, with a similar … Read more

5 foods that can negatively impact your mental health

We rarely think about food in relation to our mental health. We worry that it leads to health problems, such as cardiovascular OR gastrointestinal problems, but did you know that different foods and drinks can exacerbate anxiety spikes and even bouts of depression? Indeed, there are foods and beverages that therapists and psychiatrists, who have … Read more

How small acts of kindness can help with anxiety

Depression and anxiety are rampant these days, especially among young people. Those who suffer from it may find their work, physical health, and general sense of well-being compromised. Fortunately, there are some effective treatments for depression and anxiety, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT often involves learning how to identify and challenge negative thought patterns … Read more

Coping with separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a typical anxiety that manifests itself in the form of worry, concern, fear, or panic that comes with being apart, separated, or losing an attachment figure. This could be a parent, partner, person, children, pet, in some cases it could be spaces and objects. Coping With Separation Anxiety (Photo by Jeff James … Read more

Social anxiety tends to be elevated among those who experienced emotional abuse in childhood

New research published in Journal of Affective Disorders sought to investigate the relationship between child maltreatment and social anxiety. The research team of Jiaqi Liu and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of the studies and found that those who are victims of childhood maltreatment are more likely to develop social anxiety. They also found that emotional … Read more

Vitamin D supplementation can reduce childhood depression, anxiety and psychiatric symptoms

A study by Finnish researchers suggests that a higher-than-recommended daily dose of vitamin D3 supplementation during the first few years of life may reduce the risk of psychiatric symptoms in later childhood. Taking more than the recommended dose of vitamin D3 in early childhood may reduce psychiatric symptoms in later childhood, according to a Finnish … Read more

Here\’s what the experts are saying about using Ashwagandha as a stress reliever

It will come as no surprise to learn that, as a society, we are under a lot of stress. In fact, the American Psychological Association found that 27% of Americans report being too stressed out to function. So, it\’s easy to see why any product that is said to help with stress is attractive to … Read more

Freida Pinto says she cried, felt lonely for months due to postpartum depression; Know what it is and how to cure it

Freida Pinto opened her bout with postpartum depression after the birth of her son. The Hollywood actor said she cried a lot and felt lonely for months in 2021 and that she was advised by her husband to undergo therapy to treat her. He reads on to learn all about this mental health issue and … Read more

Treatment of depression reduces cardiovascular risk

Patients who manage their depression through psychological therapy have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. This is the result of a large cohort study conducted in the UK. \”Those whose symptoms of depression improved after therapy were 10% to 15% less likely to experience a cardiovascular event than those who did not,\” the authors reported … Read more

Kesha reveals she mistook her intense anxiety for a psychotic break

Music From Nicki Cox May 24, 2023 | 21:45 Kesha recalled having such an intense anxiety attack that she thought she was having a psychotic break.Christopher Polk Kesha is getting candid about how leaning into her spirituality has helped heal her extreme anxiety. While chatting with Apple Music\’s Zane Lowe, the Tik Tok singer revealed … Read more