You should pay attention to those smooth rings on the balance wheel

Watch your barbell closely the next time you\’re at the gym. Much of the surface is roughened with a diamond pattern. This is called knurling and helps grip. But near the ends of the handle, you\’ll see a ring or line of smooth metal on each side. Maybe two on each side, actually. These aren\’t … Read more

Attention! Wrong exercises can make acid reflux worse; Know simple ways to relieve heartburn

If you exercise and feel heartburn and acid reflux, you\’re doing something wrong. According to health experts, heartburn from exercise is a serious problem and should be addressed immediately, otherwise it can cause many other underlying ailments. Read on to learn what types of exercise should be avoided and tips for relieving heartburn. Updated May … Read more

Attention! THIS super healthy protein raises blood sugar levels; Know the best time to consume whey

Consuming whey protein just before breakfast reduces blood sugar spikes and improves the body\’s insulin response New Delhi: Lately, the popularity of plant-based nutrition has increased with more and more people veering towards clean and healthy eating in an effort to improve their health standards around the world, especially after the covid-19 outbreak. Whey Protein1 … Read more