Experts say these are the best ways to avoid straining your neck during exercise

wWhen it comes to working out, I get confused. Depending on the day, it could be boxing, cycling, weight lifting, yoga or pilates. However, there is one constant: My workouts are often a real pain in the neck, which is to say I tend to develop neck tension after a workout. Despite my best efforts, … Read more

WHO\’s New Guidance Says Avoid Fake Sugars Here\’s What You Should Use Instead

This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised that non-sugar sweeteners should not be used as a means of gaining weight control or reducing the risk of noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Artificial sweeteners are natural compounds or synthesized compounds that taste sweet like sugar and are up to 400 times as … Read more

These are the supplements you should avoid taking with your medications

Key points Millions of adults in the United States take some sort of dietary supplement along with their prescribed medications. Experts say some combinations of dietary supplements and medications can have dangerous or even life-threatening effects, such as an increased risk of bleeding or stroke. You should talk to your doctor about supplement use, especially … Read more