Breaking Free – The power to replace bad habits with good habits

Mirchi Updated: 4 hours ago Follow Replacement bad habits with good habits it can have a transformative impact on our lives. It takes effort and effort, but it\’s worth it. Good habits help us become more focused, disciplined, and efficient. Also, replacing bad habits with good ones is a form of personal growth and self-improvement. … Read more

Are carbonated drinks bad for the skin? Here\’s what you should know

Our skin health is influenced by a variety of factors: diet, hormones, use of cosmetics, environment, hereditary problems, etc. There are a number of dietary changes that you need to make if you want glowing, youthful skin. Often this includes eliminating junk foods, fried foods, and anything with compounds that could harm our skin from … Read more

\’Obesity has a bad reputation\’: Why it\’s so hard for many to get new, expensive diet drugs that are covered by insurance

EMMAUS, Pa. — Doctors are finding that medications used for diabetic patients have been very effective for those struggling to lose weight. In fact, the FDA recently approved the same type of medications originally prescribed for diabetics, specifically for weight control. But the out-of-pocket costs can be staggering, for those with insurance that won\’t cover … Read more