5 ways to take a break at work (in less than 60 seconds)

\”],\”filter\”:{\”nextExceptions\”:\”img, blockquote, div\”,\”nextContainsExceptions\”:\”img, blockquote, a.btn, ao-button\”},\” renderIntial\”:true,\”wordCount\”:350 }\”> No one needs to tell you that work is a source of stress. But the workplace and its inexorable deadlines, meetings, politics and frustration has become the biggest stressor for Americans. According to a recent data review, 83% of workers in the United States experience work-related stress. … Read more

Kesha reveals she mistook her intense anxiety for a psychotic break

Music From Nicki Cox May 24, 2023 | 21:45 Kesha recalled having such an intense anxiety attack that she thought she was having a psychotic break.Christopher Polk Kesha is getting candid about how leaning into her spirituality has helped heal her extreme anxiety. While chatting with Apple Music\’s Zane Lowe, the Tik Tok singer revealed … Read more