Researchers combine cannabis and psilocybin for medical treatments

The combination of cannabinoids and psilocybin in a single formula for the treatment of physical and mental health problems has taken one step closer to reality, as described in a product patent of a leading cannabinoid laboratory, CaaMTech. CaaMTech, based in Issaquah, Washington, less than 20 miles southeast of Seattle, is analyzing how the two … Read more

Medical cannabis funding calls renewed as study reports pain relief

MARK TAYLOR/Stuff Ninety-six percent of those who have used cannabis for pain said it helped them in some way. (Stock photo) New Zealanders who use cannabis to help with chronic conditions told researchers the drug has allowed them to move away from other pain medications, including opioids, prompting new calls for drug policy changes. A … Read more

New research shows the link between cannabis and psychosis

(NewsNation) As the legalization of recreational marijuana spreads, a growing body of research suggests there may be a possible risk between the drug and serious mental health problems. There is concern about a possible link between cannabis, psychosis and schizophrenia, and research suggests that young people are at highest risk. Laura and John Stack are … Read more

\”Ladylike\” cannabis products targeting women hit the Valley

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in 22 states and Washington, DC, the once highly controversial plant is becoming socially acceptable. But a group of female cannabis users still face the stigma of imbibing the plant. As women, society tells us that we need to be mothers and put everyone\’s needs above our own,\” said … Read more

Move over, CBD: HHC is the new legal cannabis causing concern

After the CBD boom, authorities worry about HHC, which can be ingested, smoked or vaporized, with effects similar to those of cannabis. It could be the next big thing after the cannabidiol (CBD) wave and its controversies: HHC, also known as synthetic cannabis. HHC sellers advertise the euphoric sensations and the mental and physical relaxation … Read more

Which terpenes increase the high of cannabis? | CBD project

Ten years ago, most cannabis users could not distinguish a terpene from a cannabinoid. But today things are different. The cannabis flower is classified according to the terpene profile. Product manufacturers add terp blends to edibles and concentrates. Limonene is pretty much a household name. And for good reason. Terpenes impart desirable flavors and aromas. … Read more

Chronic cannabis use increases the risk of major depression and bipolar disorder up to FOUR TIMES

Chronic cannabis use significantly increases the risk of mental health problems and personality disorders, suggests a major study. Research of more than 6.6 million people in Denmark found that those who were addicted to marijuana were up to four times more likely to be diagnosed with major depression or bipolar disorder. They looked at people … Read more