Collaborative Agreements in Health Care – California Health Care Foundation

A variety of non-merger collaborative arrangements have proliferated in recent years. Compared to traditional mergers and acquisitions, collaboration agreements preserve a certain degree of operational and financial autonomy of the contracting parties. State and federal oversight of healthcare partnership agreements is complex and rapidly evolving. This short issue describes the partnership agreements, examines their potential … Read more

How health care bills on postpartum Medicaid, the swab tax and more fared in the Legislature

The regular legislative session concluded on Monday and throughout this week we will be taking a closer look at how certain issues went, what passed and what failed. Here\’s how health and healthcare issues unfolded at the Capitol: Conservation of the nursing workforce Several successful bills in this session focus on the Texas nurse shortage, … Read more

Healthcare leaders discuss behavioral health care and access – State of Reform

Currently about one in six adults in California experience mental health problems, while at the same time rates of depression in adolescents have also increased. Healthcare leaders gathered at the 2023 Northern California State Health Reform Policy Conference to discuss the growing need for behavioral health care and the work their organizations are currently doing … Read more

UC Irvine Study Finds Medicaid Telehealth Coverage Increased Health Care Use and Access

Irvine, California, May 31, 2023 Medicaid telehealth coverage between 2013 and 2019 was associated with significant growth in telehealth use and improved access to health care, whereas private policies had no such association, according to a study conducted by the University of California , Irvine. An analysis of 20,000 records of U.S. adults under 65 … Read more

Health care coalition opposes medical spending, eye scrutiny initiative

Influential health interests are maneuvering a potential $19.4 billion infusion into Medi-Cal, California\’s Medicaid program, while also seeking a 2024 election initiative to permanently block that funding, KFF Health News has learned. The Coalition to Protect Access to Care, which includes groups representing doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and clinics, is lobbying Governor Gavin Newsom and … Read more

Disparate issues shape health care in rural communities across the state – CityView

Many of North Carolina\’s so-called rural counties bear little resemblance to the pastoral villages people tend to picture when they think of rural life. In fact, the 78 counties that fall under the common statistical definition of \”rural\” are home to about 40 percent of the state\’s population, and North Carolina\’s rural population is, next … Read more

Newsom and Democratic lawmakers disagree over billions in health care funds

By Angela Hart SACRAMENTO – When Gov. Gavin Newsom took office four years ago, the Democrat went after Republicans on the national stage as they tried to gut the Affordable Care Act. Key to his ambitious health care agenda: Reinstate fines for Californians who have no coverage health, which had been eliminated at the federal … Read more

New laws make changes at the intersection of criminal justice and health care – VTDigger

Gov. Phil Scott signed laws Tuesday that set out several ways law enforcement agencies support the health care system and how courts should treat people with serious mental disorders. File photo by Glenn Russell/VTDigger Two of the seven bills that Gov. Phil Scott signed into law on Tuesday establish specific roles for law enforcement agencies … Read more

Quality, cost of care similar between DO and MD

By Jacqueline La Pointe May 30, 2023 – A new study shows that doctors of osteopathic medicine, or DOs, have similar patient outcomes and costs of care to doctors of medicine (MDs). According to the recently published study on the Annals of Internal Medicine. Of the more than 329,000 Medicare hospitalizations analyzed: Patient mortality was … Read more

Scientific statement calls for greater diversity in endocrinopedic and gender care research

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