It appears that the new path to the legal CBD market in the US will be a long one

Fixing safety issues and setting a legal path for CBD doesn\’t appear to be coming any time soon, according to comments during a webinar hosted by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Thursday. We understand the urgency of establishing a regulatory framework for these products and providing regulatory certainty for consumers and industry, said … Read more

Move over, CBD: HHC is the new legal cannabis causing concern

After the CBD boom, authorities worry about HHC, which can be ingested, smoked or vaporized, with effects similar to those of cannabis. It could be the next big thing after the cannabidiol (CBD) wave and its controversies: HHC, also known as synthetic cannabis. HHC sellers advertise the euphoric sensations and the mental and physical relaxation … Read more

Which terpenes increase the high of cannabis? | CBD project

Ten years ago, most cannabis users could not distinguish a terpene from a cannabinoid. But today things are different. The cannabis flower is classified according to the terpene profile. Product manufacturers add terp blends to edibles and concentrates. Limonene is pretty much a household name. And for good reason. Terpenes impart desirable flavors and aromas. … Read more

One study suggests that CBD could help preserve fruit

It has been touted for its ability to treat pain and anxiety and is found in everything from soda to soap. But could CBD also help extend the shelf life of certain foods? New research suggests it\’s possible. A study published this month in Applied materials and ACS interfaces looked at the differences between strawberries … Read more