Slow down cognitive aging: Major study finds daily multivitamin improves memory in older adults

A study involving more than 3,500 seniors found that supplementing daily with multivitamins can slow age-related memory decline. The effect was particularly strong among those with cardiovascular conditions. Research underscores the importance of good nutrition for aging brain health, although supplements should not replace a balanced diet and advice from a doctor should be sought … Read more

Tremella mushrooms may boost cognitive health, skin elasticity, immunity and moreHere\’s what to know

Although some people object to their taste and texture, there\’s a lot to like about mushrooms. For starters, they tend to be a surprising source of antioxidants, fiber, and protein, and are often associated with immunity protection and brain health. But mushrooms have additional benefits beyond their healthy nutrient profiles: Functional mushrooms like lion\’s mane, … Read more