9 daily habits to build your endurance after 40

If there\’s one aspect of fitness and vitality that begins to decline dramatically with age, it\’s endurance. However, with the right approach and some simple changes to your daily routine, you can recover and even increase your stamina and endurance. Plus, we have great news: Incorporating the following habits into your lifestyle can have a … Read more

Slow down cognitive aging: Major study finds daily multivitamin improves memory in older adults

A study involving more than 3,500 seniors found that supplementing daily with multivitamins can slow age-related memory decline. The effect was particularly strong among those with cardiovascular conditions. Research underscores the importance of good nutrition for aging brain health, although supplements should not replace a balanced diet and advice from a doctor should be sought … Read more

Simple daily exercise that can predict how long you\’ll live and 3 tricks to try

BEING able to sit cross-legged and stand up could show how likely you are to live a long life, experts say. Simple exercise gives an indication of how mobile you are and could show that you are less likely to experience falls in later life. Being able to do a sit-and-stand on the floor and … Read more

I\’ve started doing Jazzercise instead of my daily 4-mile walks, and it\’s therapeutic, reinforcing fun I didn\’t know I needed

II\’ve been taking four-mile daily walks since long before any TikTokker dubbed them Hot Girl Walks. Then I hit 50 and severe heel pain made it nearly impossible. A podiatrist diagnosed the problem as plantar fasciitis. We tried cortisone shots, heels, stretches, painkillers. Any relief was temporary. I knew I had to find a new … Read more

Daily multivitamin improves memory in older adults, study shows

Share on PinterestA daily multivitamin may offer a modest benefit to cognitive function among older adults, according to a new study. Kemal Yildrim/Getty Images A daily multivitamin may offer a modest benefit to cognitive function, according to new research. The three-year study showed improved memory among subjects taking a daily multivitamin. Study subjects with cardiovascular … Read more