LIT strength machine review | CNN underlined

The LIT Strength Machine is a multi-talented rowing machine that serves as both a Pilates reformer and strength trainer. Yes, you\’ll pay extra for these upgraded features, but if it could deliver on its promise of a full-body workout that\’ll keep you interested at home, we thought it\’d be worth it. But did this exercise … Read more

[REVIEW] Dolcetto Kosher Steakhouse, Monsey, NY Yes, it\’s Kosher

Not many people outside the area would know where to find Chestnut Ridge. The suburb of Monsey is located in the hills of Rockland County just north of the New Jersey border. It\’s quiet, it\’s beautiful, and it\’s home to Dolcetto. While some rave about the food, others have hardly ever heard of Dolcetto\’s existence. … Read more