Health care coalition opposes medical spending, eye scrutiny initiative

Influential health interests are maneuvering a potential $19.4 billion infusion into Medi-Cal, California\’s Medicaid program, while also seeking a 2024 election initiative to permanently block that funding, KFF Health News has learned. The Coalition to Protect Access to Care, which includes groups representing doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and clinics, is lobbying Governor Gavin Newsom and … Read more

Finances and Mental Health: How to Stop Stressing About Your Spending

Wells Fargo Head of Advice and Planning Michael Liersch and Meghaan R. Lurtz, Ph.D., Professor of Practice at Kansas State University who is also the former president of the Financial Therapy Association, join Yahoo Finance Live to detail the best strategies to balance your mental and financial health, how to manage the guilt and stress … Read more