Mental health of young Canadians is a \’time bomb\’

The Toronto Center for Addiction and Mental Health is one of Canada\’s largest mental health research facilities. (AFP) Canada is grappling with a time bomb of violence, addiction and suicide linked to failing mental health services for its young people. In the streets and subways of Toronto, Canada\’s largest city, an ultra-modern metropolis that … Read more

Gen gym: why young people are leading the fitness revolution

But it\’s more than lower prices and extended hours that draw Gen Zedders to the gym. The catalyst is social media, particularly TikTok, according to the 21-year-old flight attendant from Beaconsfield Georgia. People who go to the gym now get more exposure. They post videos of themselves on TikTok to show how beautiful they look … Read more

Digital Health Systems Must Consciously Engage Young People – Health Policy Watch

(LR) Dr Conrad Tankou, Yifan Zhou, Sarah Tuytschaever, Joseline Carias Galeano, Sameer Pujari and Dr Ilona Kickbusch at the event. Achieving universal health coverage by 2030, as decided this week by the World Health Assembly, should ideally bring with it a bouquet of possibilities through digital technologies. Digital health technologies have improved the delivery of … Read more

Marijuana use among adolescents and young adults linked to mental health conditions

Researchers in Denmark worked with the US National Institutes of Health on a study showing a link between cannabis use and schizophrenia in young people, particularly young adults. The research adds to medical professionals\’ growing concerns about cannabis use among younger generations. The study was published in the academic journal Psychological Medicine earlier this month. … Read more

Excessive screen time is a factor in loneliness, mental health risks for young people

Editor\’s note: This is the second of two parts on the impact of isolation and loneliness. Michele Wentzel knows when one of her three children is upset. \”They sort of isolate themselves and are very moody,\” she said. \”I can tell there\’s something going on.\” Wentzel keeps the lines of communication open with his sons … Read more

NCAA Study: Sports Betting Prevalent Among Young Adults Amid Rise in Advertising

Amid growing concerns about the prevalence of sports betting on college campuses, an NCAA a survey of 3,527 young people between the ages of 18 and 22 found that 58% had engaged in at least one sports betting activity. Charlie Baker he commissioned the poll weeks after he took office as NCAA president.Opinion diagnostics conducted … Read more